Knowing how many calories you are about to consume is not something we always have in mind, But having this small but needed information displayed on your POS or Tablet is definitely something customers can take advantage of, calorie labeling can help you make informed and healthful decisions about meals.


Having the ability to inform your clients of food allergens within your menu items is a massive help when it comes to those customers who have allergic reactions to those food allergens, AB POS keeps your employees informed and your customers safe.


Keeping all your dishes ingredients stored on to your POS system is a genius and intuitive way you interact and train new employees with your menu and menu items, not only that but you can also display all information to customers no matter where you are.


This is where you are going to take control of your menu and enhance your menu items with AB’s CONSUMER NUTRITION feature, this allows you to add a delicious descriptions to your menu and even display a mouthwatering picture to each item.

POS Hardware Built for Your Restaurant

POS terminal

Take orders and process payments, even if your internet is out.

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Handheld POS™

A fully integrated handheld POS system designed and built for restaurants.

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Offer loyalty & gift cards, allow your customers to collect & redeem points, and manage customer data through AB POS Loyalty

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