Faster Orders and Tickets

Keeping things moving fast on the floor and in the kitchen. Servers can take orders on the iPad, and cooks can transform tickets into meals right away.

Greater accuracy means fewer comps and discounts for inaccurate orders.

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Tableside Ordering

Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your POS for increased efficiency. Assign orders to seats to make meal distribution effortless.

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Labor Management

Quickly find out:

  • Exactly how many meals each server takes orders and payments for
  • Exactly when every staff member clocks in and clocks out
  • Exactly what your labor costs are by the hour
Top Efficiency

As a single-location restaurant, you may not yet have an economy of scale. Maintain top efficiency without sacrificing quality using AB POS mobile, high-speed operations.

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Offer convenience with tableside ordering and payment, letting you turn tables faster and improve your guest experience.

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POS Terminals

Ensure you're always operating at restaurant speed with best-in-class security and system reliability measures.

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Quick-Access Sales Data

Never wonder how well you are doing. If you are underperforming, immediately find out why and how to fix it. If you are succeeding, discover how you can do even better. Find out more about AB POS reports.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Customers will be grateful for the fast-paced, seamless service at your restaurant. There is no better way to build a loyal customer base.
Find out more about restaurant loyalty.

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