Customer Reviews

Karina Mota
 I have been working with this company for the last 4 years. My company transition from regular registers to this new and updated system has been excellent!. The one on one help we received when we trained our cashiers was OUTSTANDING. One on one help is great but 24/7 technical support is IMPRESSIVE!!. 

Joshua Van Dyke
 As an owner that's trying to spend less time in the business this software allows me to do that. The highlights for me are the ease of accessing the reporting, how intuitive the program is for our employees, our tips have doubled, and having online ordering! The expediting screen in the kitchen has really cut down on our mistakes and ticket times. Everyone we've worked with from the initial sales call, through the training, and customer service has been spot on. You guys are running a great business and I know you guys will continue to rapidly grow.  

Mark Burke
 A&B POS is very easy to access remotely. I have better control over my sales and my employees. I am able to better quantify discounts and account for missed cash. I¿ve never before been able to do that with my diner. Even our end of night tie-out is now easy.


Jazmin Herrera
 It's one of the easiest, convenient, and intuitive interfaces we've used. Our guests love it and it has helped us in so many different ways! 

Michelle WS
 With now being in business a full year now, I have and I still am learning pro and cons of doing business. I have worked in restaurants but I have never been on the manager/owner side and it's not as easy as you think it is. When running your own business for the most part you are on your own! I sat down with a computer tech to figure out the best POS system for my business. There are SO many out there and being unfamiliar with them a lot of research was done! I attended the Gordon Food Show a month before we opened and I got to see first hand how A&B POS worked. I was very impressed with the system and how easy it looked to operate (remember I've never been on this side of the business) and we had decided to work 100% with Gordon Food Service because of their support and looking at our best interest for starting our business. Now a year later, I could't imagine being with another POS system so no regrets here on choosing Toast for our POS! 

 I would suggest this POS over any other I've worked with (Micros and Aloha).
AB POS is an easy to use POS system. Managers and servers are easily trained on all functions. Reporting is detailed and was
Some flawed features that they need to get fixed. Inventory needs more checks and balances to make it more efficient.  

Bob Myers
  We've had AB POS system for 2 months, and the comparisons from our old system to this system are just night and day! The ease of menu changes, contacting support, using the system on my laptop while I'm home on a day off-I'm a much happier manager. The staff all agrees that it's much more intuitive, and when there is a problem (wrong tab closed out, remove an item from the bill) it's so much quicker to solve.

Mahmoud Abdala
 What we like the most about the software is the constant upgrade, how easy it is to use, the back office is fantastic!! We had Micros before we switched to A&B POS and it's like we came out of the dark age and into the modern world!

Overall made daily operations at the restaurant much quicker and smoother. 

 “A&B POS Solutions has allowed us to harness our data flow and analyze the data to make our company more profitable. Without having the system be as open as it is, we would never be able to have access to the data at the level we have. Enterprise has given us the ability to analyze the data at our corporate level for all the stores and see where we can make improvements.” 

 “Finally it was a POS that thought through this system and put everything we could have wanted into one POS, and that's why we switched to A&B POS.” 

 “We decided to move from the ‘dinosaur’ to a POS system. A&B POS was the most innovative and aggressively growing platform we came upon — and we haven’t looked back.”