Should help you run every aspect of your day-to-day business.

A&B POS Solutions is a retail POS system that helps increase efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs, and helps you manage your inventory. Save time and money with A&B POS for Solutions retail businesses. Efficiently manage your business - whether it’s a clothing store, convenience store, hardware store, or any other type of retail location - so that you can focus on what’s important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending!


Make Your Shop Pop With A&B POS Solutions

Looking for an inventory solution to power your entire retail business?

Know what's hot
Thanks to inventory management and sales reporting, your retail shop can see what's selling and what's not — from anywhere you get an Internet connection.
Get lines moving
Get out from behind the counter. You can bust lines, and take transactions on the road, with the freedom of your tablet or smartphone POS system.
Have a team
With live 24/7 customer support — via text, chat, email or phone — you always have people. A A&B POS Concierge agent can also manage your inventory monthly.

Twenty Reasons Why Your Small Business

Should Choose A&B POS Solutions

  • As you add locations, A&B POS  can scale with you.
  • It\'s so intuitive that many merchants find they don\'t need training.
  • A A&B POS Concierge agent can set up your back office and help maintain it every month.
  • Take credit transactions even when offline.
  • A live agent will help you, regardless of if it\'s an A&B POS product or third-party add-on.
  • Monitor restaurant sales reports.
  • Easily manage your employees and inventory from your back office.
  • Communicate to employees at the POS system via AYB POS messaging, available in the back office.
  • Speed up transactions with auto display modifiers, tip prompts and more.
  • Receive automatic release updates to your A&B POS PRO.
  • Select an inexpensive off-the-shelf tablet and turn it into a complete POS system.
  • Bust lines by taking payments on the floor with your tablet or smartphone.
  • You\'ll find a live agent waiting for your call, IM or text, 24/7.
  • Control labor cost.
  • Tip pool management.
  • 86 menu item count down with substitution.
  • Menu coursing by appetizers, entrees, desserts and more
  • Integrated credit card processing.
  • Need to weigh items? A&B POS  offers scale integration.
  • Enjoy a truly seamless loyalty and email marketing system.


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