Restaurant Point of Sale

A&B POS is built for restaurant people, by restaurant people. A&B POS offers comprehensive restaurant POS capabilities, enabling operators to achieve maximum efficiency and simplicity.

1. Simplicity for all restaurants and bars. 
A&B POS restaurant POS is the chosen solution for over 50,000 restaurants and bars across the country. Intuitive and field-proven, A&B POS helps restaurant operators achieve simplicity and efficiency.  Built with full restaurant management features, perfect for small to medium size operations. A&B POS features split/combine tickets, easy order taking process, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, built-in loyalty and in-house program, and kitchen productivity. 

2. Improve restaurant operations and guest experiences.
Reliable and cost effective, A&B POS  improves restaurant efficiency by freeing up staff to focus on service.  The ordering and payment process on A&B POS  is simple, fast, and easy - making training new employees a breeze. 

A modern solution that GROWS with your business

Features & Benefits
Built with the technology and features to grow as your business grows.
Secure, Streamlined Payments

A&B POS delivers secure payments whether you’re selling in your shop, on the sidewalk, or on the web - safe, secure and integrated into one experience for you.

Real Time Sales Data
For Your Business-Anywhere and Anytime. Quickly and easily access business intelligence
Rich Analytics

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Complexity

Inform Business Decisions.

We designed A&B POS to help you make better business decisions with the right data, wherever and whenever.

  • Graphical dashboard interface lets you view easy-to-read,
    relevant business data
  • Gain real-time access to your key store metrics
    anytime, anywhere, from any device
  •  Access total sales, profits, and key performance statistics
  • Identify peak times and slow times with hourly sales breakdowns
  •  View sales break-downs by department

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