Why A&B POS is Ideal for events

Power events with the #1 award winning Point of Sale system in the market place

check_sucSimple & Powerful
check_sucRich Analytic
check_sucReliable & secured

 Forecast stock and employees-needed based on historical data, calculate payroll automatically and track all sales and inventory in real-time. Thousands of transactions will run without a hitch, even if the Internet goes down the A&B POS system stays up when no one else could. The businesses have spoken and A&B POS has listened join the Revolution.

Access Real-Time Sales Data for Your

Business — Anywhere and Anytime

Keep a better pulse on your business with key metrics and easy-to-understand analytics. Portal offers instant insights through a visual dashboard accessible from your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. Quickly and easily access business intelligence on the go—free with your AB POS monthly support plan.