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Hunter Swartz
"The A&B POS is key to the Eastman Egg app’s success. We need a consistent and reliable handoff from the app to the kitchen in order for this to work. The A&B POS delivers that seamless mobile integration with no lag time."
Leith Hill

“With A&B POS, I can toggle between both restaurants and quickly see what’s going on that day. I'm able to pull information like what’s doing the best today, what’s selling when, and how our overall sales are doing.”

Alan Benjamini

"We’ve really gained a lot of benefit from A&B POS and improved how we’ve been able to operate. It’s a partnership where we’ve grown with them. Now when we make decisions we have A&B POS in our wheelhouse about how we can do things and make our business better.”

Brian Henry

Small easy to use package, does not take up space. The support team is easily accessible. Don’t waste your time shopping around.

Josh Hillinger

A&B POS  has been a game changer for the way we operate our business. The ease of use and adaptability has made this software a key asset in the operation of our overall day to day.

Jake Exton

Easy to set up, customize and train. Efficient and quick during service. Scalable and affordable, perfect for small restaurants, bars and cafes. Integration with other providers is increasing with each update.

Sheila David

A&B POS Solutions is very easy to use, since it’s iPad based and most of our staff is familiar with using iPads. It makes training a breeze!

Ben Mantica

"The customer’s ability to tip at the point-of-sale has been great for the staff. It’s increased wages for the people in the kitchen. We’re proud to have some of the highest paid entry-level line cooks in the city." 

Jon Schroeter

“I used to lose $1,000 per store every time there was a lightning storm and our internet went down. With A&B POS offline mode, I’m already making my money back just by being able to continue to collect credit card information."

Rodrigo Rais

"I truly admire A&B POS because there the one company that I can actually say that they put there customers first. Its the first time that I have ever seen this kind of treatment towards customers and I truly appreciate everything that they do for me and my restaurant"

Maria Aguilar

“A&B POS Solutions has allowed us to harness our data flow and analyze the data to make our company more profitable. Without having the system be as open as it is, we would never be able to have access to the data at the level we have. Enterprise has given us the ability to analyze the data at our corporate level for all the stores and see where we can make improvements.”

Alejandra ACO

“We decided to move from the ‘dinosaur’ to a POS system. A&B POS was the most innovative and aggressively growing platform we came upon — and we haven’t looked back.”

Dulce Vida Bakery

Been a member for about 4 years now. The transition I had from regular registers to the POS system has been effortless. My cashiers had zero experience with the system and the shift was flawless. Along with great customer service! provided by A&B POS solutions. The one on one help for troubleshooting is always very helpful.

AB POS Awards

AB POS has been internationally recognized across the restaurant and technology industries, receiving numerous awards for its software and services.