What makes AB POS unique?

AB POS is a full-featured point-of-sale solution that provides simple but powerful functionalities in terms of taking orders, providing discounts and tips, managing inventory, and generating daily reports for insights on your business.

AB POS gives you detailed reports on sales and transaction trends along with enhanced sales, financial, employee and reports all via the cloud on any web-browser and devices.

The solution helps you free up staff so they can focus on providing quality service to your customers. Aside from streamlining your operations and providing excellent guest experience, A&B POS lets you train new employees easily via easy-to-grasp ordering and payment procedures.

What makes A&B POS unique?

  1. On cloud business intelligence.
  2. Its built-in technologies and features are not only simple and flexible but also powerful; for example, clickable tickets that you can transfer, split or combine.
  3. Its interactive dashboard easily allows you to schedule employee tasks and assignments, keep tab of sales and orders.
  4. Simplified and secure payments support Europay, Mastercard and Visa via EMV.
  5. Its Quick Card program gives you a one-stop “starter” gift card solution to reinforce customer loyalty. The card can be used as a promotional card, prepaid card, rewards card for employees, or as an incentive for customers.

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