Investing in Bar POS Software Can Boost Revenue?


Raise the Bar with Five Benefits of a Bar POS System

Operating a successful bar or nightclub demands a lot of attention. Some of that attention can be put to better use by implementing a point of sale (POS) system and software that is more attentive to your needs. Whether you’re a small craft taproom or a large entertainment venue, a bar-specific POS has benefits that are designed to better serve your business.

Improve your payments operations with these five advantages of a bar POS system:

Built for your business, tailored to you

Highly customizable, a bar POS system can provide the features and functions that complement the unique needs of your establishment. By making your POS system work better for you and your staff, you’ll see the impact that simple functions like imputing repeat orders with the stroke of a key, managing open bar tabs, splitting checks, and easily configuring special menu items and happy hour rates have on your business. Additionally, special features like a bartenders’ recipe catalog, VIP customer profile creation, and bar layout mapping can be programmed to set you apart from the rest.

Fast payment, faster service

Slow payments bring down the speed of service. Using a POS system that can keep up with the quick pace your customers expect is key for a successful high-volume bar. Configured to maximize the speed of order entry and simplify the payment process, intuitive and easy-to-identify items will make a bar POS system an integral part of your customer service.

An eye on your inventory

It’s not just knowing what you have in stock; it’s knowing what sells and what doesn’t. With the ability to watch your sales and costs trends, a bar POS gives you the opportunity to identify future stock changes and grow potential sales volume. POS inventory management features integrate flow metering and order placement with vendors to help smooth back-of-the-house operations, helping you stock smarter.

Easy adoption

Created for portability and convenience, many bar POS systems can be run from a tablet. This simple touch-screen interface is familiar to many employees today, and most will find it easier to learn a system that mirrors the functionality of the most common devices.

Securing your business

Like many modern POS systems, an advanced bar POS maintains security features that keep your patron information safe and secure. With the fast-paced nature of the business, bars and clubs are prime targets for lost or stolen cardholder information. Don’t let a data breach compromise your business; a bar POS can add encryption and firewall protection to help keep you and your customers safe from risk at the register.

Choosing a bar-specific POS system for built in payment processing that facilitates fast, reliable transactions right at the point of sale. Instantly process transactions from all the major card brands and keep the drinks and money flowing. By implementing a POS system that is specifically built for your business, you’ll have the tools to benefit your business right at hand.

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