What’s Expected From an All In One POS System for Restaurant

From corner cafés to franchised chains, finding ways to improve operations is a common goal among restaurant owners whatever the size. An all-in-one restaurant POS system could be the key to effectively achieving quite a few fixes with one simple and versatile system.

Whatever you think your needs might be, there’s bound to be a few more advantages to be gained that you weren’t even aware of, before you implement your updated system and get taken aback by the surprising added benefits, here’s a heads up on what to expect from an all-in-one restaurant POS system.

It’s going to increase efficiency.

This advantage isn’t so surprising, actually. As the restaurant POS enables your servers in their job functions, you’ll find that customer orders are expedited and customer wait times decrease. They’ll be able to take orders quickly with fewer mistakes, creating better communication between the front of the house and the back. Orders get delivered just the way the customer wants, and payment becomes a snap with table side payment acceptance. And the less time your staff spends away from their customers is more time spent with them, ensuring that their experience is meeting their expectations.

As a bonus to the ease of ordering and paying the bill, the introduction of near field communication (NFC) payments into most updated POS systems now gives your customers an additional way to pay for their meals. Faster than paying with a credit or debit card or even cash, NFC takes payment directly from a users’ mobile device, so wait time is minimal and the diner’s card data never leaves his or her sight. NFC payment gives your mobile wallet customers the freedom to complete the transaction with their payment method of choice, catering to their preferences and providing them with the safe and secure transaction that they expect, thus generating additional business for you and a better dining experience for them.

Your customers are going to be happier

Getting it right the first time goes a long way in the customer experience. With the ability to track purchase orders and provide an efficient payment process, you can ensure that your patrons are getting the right orders and the right bills on the first try.

Additionally, you’ll be able to store customer contact information for an increased reach for targeted customer appreciation and special promotions. Sending direct marketing to a customer’s mobile device puts your promotions right in their pocket and your presence at the top of their minds. Furthermore, you can buoy the down times with specials occurring during the slow periods of the week. Your understanding of the ebb and flow of business will give you more insight into how you can adapt to maximize the effectiveness of your operations.And your restaurant will be better informed.

Not just you, but your whole business is going to be more aware of its processes and needs. Your POS will track purchase orders and provide inventory analysis with timely, detailed reports. You’ll know what to order and when to order it. Your staff will also benefit from an increased awareness of what customers want – and what they don’t. With table side ordering, your servers will have key knowledge right at hand for specials, signature dishes, wine pairings, and more. Giving your servers insight into what customers are consistently asking for can only be a positive for both staff and your customers’ dining experience.

Making the small changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day restaurant operations. While hardly a small decision to be made lightly, adopting an updated and specific POS system may very well have a very large impact on your business. If improving your speed of service, reliability, customer satisfaction, and insight are important to you – and they probably are – then an all-in-one restaurant POS system could be the all-in-one solution for you.

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