A portable POS system

While stand-alone point of sale (POS) systems are popular for businesses of every type, a portable POS system can take your business to new heights. Portable POS systems make payments easy for on-the-go transactions. They come in many forms including tablet-based systems, smartphone-enabled solutions, and handheld wireless devices. These mobile POS systems work especially well for merchants who take payments offsite, such as at sidewalk sales, festivals, conferences, and flea markets.

How can a portable POS system help your business? Let’s explore four benefits of portable point of sale systems for retail and food service businesses:

1. Inventory and price-check

Portable POS solutions make it easier to check inventory and price from the sales floor. When a customer asks if an item is in stock, instead of walking to the back of the store, a sales associate can use a mobile POS system to quickly look up the status of the item in question. If the price is not clearly displayed, a portable POS system can also help an associate look up this information. Portable POS systems also give the store associate the opportunity to let the customer know if the object is available at another location. This unique benefit allows the sales associate to more quickly help customers with the information they need

2. Email receipts

Resource show that up to 640,000 tons of paper are wasted per year on receipts alone. Seventeen trees must be cut down for a single ton of paper, making paper receipts environmentally unfriendly. Mobile POS systems can provide a more environmentally friendly way to provide receipts to customers by emailing them instead. Many shoppers prefer email receipts to keep track of expenses, while businesses benefit by reducing the cost of paper to print receipts. This can be especially useful for small-scale restaurants or food stands that are counting every penny in both sales and expenses.

3. Handling returns

Mobile POS systems can come in handy in processing returns by preventing backup in the main checkout line and giving sales associate the opportunity to interact with customers on a more personalized level.

4. Newsletters and coupons

Mobile POS systems typically have downloadable features and electronic forms that can be used to offer customers deals, promotional sales notifications, and more. Customers can sign up for exclusive deals right at the POS, entering their information themselves. This offers a more personalized customer experience and reduces the chance for input error.

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