AB POS Commended as a Powerful and Feature-Complete POS Software by a Respected Platform for SaaS Reviews

The team at A&B POS has been working hard since the inception of our simple and powerful POS software that can exponentially boost restaurant efficiency. To test if we are delivering on our promises, FinancesOnline recently conducted a thorough review of A&B POS. FinancesOnline is one of the most respected platforms for B2B and SaaS reviews in the industry. Not just limited to POS system reviews, FinancesOnline analyzes countless of solutions out in the market.

In their AB POS overview, FinancesOnline underscored four key benefits that our software provides to businesses. A highlight for their team is the fact that A&B POS is a feature-complete package, stating that our software “gives you a powerful point-of-sale platform that has all the features and tools you need to integrate all your end-to-end processes.”

Easy facilitation of work is another factor noted by FinancesOnline, as users can handle all their tasks from a single dashboard. Users can also “make smarter decisions and actions” for their business thanks to our “rich and detailed analytics,” stated the review team.

Lastly, FinancesOnline commended A&B POS’s accessibility. Being a cloud-based software that can be fully controlled on any device, even on mobile, users can take charge of their operations whenever and wherever they may be. This glowing recommendation is why we were selected in the top list of POS software for Android. “With AB POS, you can basically run your
retail or restaurant business from the palm of your hand,” remarked the review experts.

FinancesOnline backed these positive statements by awarding us with the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards. The former is given to the most well-designed software in
the market based on FinancesOnline’s quality standards, while the latter is certified to the fastest growing brands on the market and are seen as a reliable product by users.

FinancesOnline concludes: “With AB POS, you have a system that drives efficiency and, at the
same time, brings down complexities that come with managing your restaurant or retail business.”
Handle your ordering and payment processes with ease and boost your restaurant efficiency today with A&B POS.

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