Black Friday Cyber Monday Are You Ready

These days the holiday shopping season begins earlier and earlier—or so it seems. Yet it doesn’t kick into high gear until Black Friday (November 24, 2017), the busiest shopping day of the year, when millions of consumers will rush to retail stores, looking for bargains.

Preparing for Black Friday

You need to attract customers to your business, provide them with a positive shopping experience and deliver great customer service. What’s the best steps to take?

Be EMV®-Ready
By now, your business should be EMV-compliant; if not, there’s still time to get there before the end of the holiday shopping season. If your business is ready, are your customers?

According to, more than 70 percent of U.S. card holders now have EMV chip cards, but not everyone knows how to use one. Educate shoppers who may not know to ‘dip’ a card into an EMV-enabled terminal.

Educate Your Staff
Does your holiday staff understand fraud? Do they know what to do if they suspect fraud at the point-of-sale? Even temporary holiday help needs education and to understand what to do if they suspect a fraudulent credit or debit card transaction.

Be Alert
Fraudsters work as hard as you do during this season so be wary of consumers who present a damaged or worn card, (this could mean it’s been altered). Watch out for consumers who try and rush a sale or distract staff or purchase a number of high-ticket items.

Keep the Line Moving!
Do you have the right in-store payment processing solutions to satisfy your customers? If you are equipped with mobile point-of-sale technology (mPOS), you can accept payments on a tablet or smartphone using a mobile app and recommended card reader. Taking payments on a mobile device gives the ability to process transactions in any part of the store, avoiding backups at the checkout line.

Preparing for Cyber Monday

If your business has an e-commerce component, make advance preparations for Cyber Monday, the largest online shopping day of the year. In 2016, consumers spent $3.45 billion online during Cyber Monday, a new record, and a double-digit increase over 2015.

Help Prevent a Crash Site
Ensure you can handle sudden surges in online traffic. Establish a contingency plan in the event of a website crash and the necessary steps it takes to get it back online.

Protecting Against Online Fraud
Address Verification Service (AVS), enables you to compare the billing address provided by the customer with the address on file at the financial institution that issued the card in question. In a recent A&B POS post, preventing online credit card processing fraud, it states make it a practice to only ship to the billing address provided. Also, be wary of orders from outside the U.S., larger-than-normal orders, very small orders (which are often a test of stolen card information, and orders from an untraceable e-mail account.

By taking steps now to prepare for the biggest shopping days of the season, you can help protect your customers and business.

A&B POS Offers mPOS Solutions and Anti-Fraud Services

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